How Secure Is SiP?

An area of concern that comes up when discussing movement from traditional digital telephone lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30, to a VoIP solution is “how secure is SiP?”.

When choosing your SiP provider, it’s important to do a little due diligence on the product you’re looking at.

Firstly, find out who supplies the service. There is a lot of white label products out there but its key to know who is the true provider…

Cactus Sailing Regatta 2017

It was another great day in this years Cactus Sailing Regatta.

With the day ahead promising winds of over a Force 7/Gale Force, it was going to be a challenging days sailing.

After a morning of exciting sailing all crews made it to lunch at the Royal Solent Yacht Club.  With the weather closing in a few crews seemed happy to stay for an extra drink as opposed to heading back to the boats to start the afternoons sailing…

Charity Golf Classic at South Winchester

Cactus Business Solutions are proud to be the main sponsor of this year’s Wessex Cancer Charity Golf Classic which will be at held at The South Winchester Golf Club on Thursday 21st September 2017.

Bournemouth AFC player Andrew Surman will be in attendance during the day and will also hold a Q&A session after the golf.

There will be a breakfast of bacon butties and coffee on arrival followed by a Four Ball Stableford competition and several fun golfing attractions and competitions throughout the day. The day ends with a prize giving evening dinner where there will be a live auction for some spectacular prizes…

Are you protected against phone hacking?

Once again, this week I’ve been asked to visit a prospect who has had their telephone lines hacked and been presented with a huge bill from their current call carrier.

For some reason business owners don’t seem to want to have the conversation around how secure their comms are, yet if you ask them about IT security they will tell you that they have this firewall and that anti-virus.

Phone hacking is a multi-million-pound business in the UK. One single attack on a business can cost them thousands in call charges and the potential risk of a data breach which means that for businesses to ignore the security risks of phone hacking is a very careless thing to do. Although you can never be completely safe, there are many ways businesses can help prevent these attacks…


Tougher Penalties Begin For Drivers Using Mobile Phones

New Legislation means all drivers who are now caught using their mobile phones whilst driving will face a £200 fine and 6x points on their licence.

The new laws from 1st of March 2017, which is double the previous penalty for anyone found guilty within two years of passing their test will lose their licence.

During the first week of the new legislation, Hampshire Police stopped a total of 186 drivers so ask yourself, is it really worth the risk?…

The NEW Nokia 3310: Relaunch of a Classic Handset

The relaunch of the classic Nokia 3310 has dominated the news of the mobile world recently and although only having limited features, there has been a huge uptake for this latest product.

As a low end cost handset and is a lot thinner and lighter than its predecessor, you may remember. It has a 2.4-inch colour screen and comes in four colours: glossy red, glossy yellow, matte dark blue, and matte grey.

It has maintained some of the best features of the original 3310 with improvements including a 30 day battery life on standby and 22 hours of talk-time in one charge. The latest 3310 has a new edition of Snake and 16GB internal storage…

Could Your Business Phones Be Up And Running After A Disaster?

I’ve just come back from a client meeting where the topic of discussion was around their disaster recovery plan or lack of it?

I always start these meetings with the question: ‘How would your business continue to trade if disaster strikes?’ The normal response isn’t a very positive one with lots of pauses and head scratching.

If you are a business that still runs on a traditional telephone system what you will probably not appreciate until it’s too late, is the limitation with this set up. For example, how would your business cope if you had your 5 telephone lines all pointing at 1 mobile phone? How would customers get through and how would your staff make calls, etc? You get the picture…

Cactus Sailing Regatta 2016

One of the more relaxing times of the year is Cactus organising a Sailing Regatta where customers attend the one day event – having some fun and ‘letting the hair down’ – whilst mixing with customers.

A great day had by one and all culminating in the presentation of the Cactus Sailing Trophy.

Anyone interested in attending the 2017 event, please contact Simon Cartwright on 0330 333 2 333…