I’ve just come back from a client meeting where the topic of discussion was around their disaster recovery plan or lack of it?

I always start these meetings with the question: ‘How would your business continue to trade if disaster strikes?’ The normal response isn’t a very positive one with lots of pauses and head scratching.

If you are a business that still runs on a traditional telephone system what you will probably not appreciate until it’s too late, is the limitation with this set up. For example, how would your business cope if you had your 5 telephone lines all pointing at 1 mobile phone? How would customers get through and how would your staff make calls, etc? You get the picture.

One of the benefits of a Hosted System is the call routing flexibility in times of need, or normally in times of change. I always say to prospective client, ‘How would your business cope if it lost its main advertised telephone number?’ This question is normally very thought provoking and very often leads to a very real concern that this could easily happen. Therefore, my next question is always ‘What would you do if you couldn’t get into the office due to a natural influence (floods, snow or possibly worse fire damage, etc)?’

It’s important to have a plan and it’s even more important to have the technology that allows you to develop, not only on a day to day basis, but in the event of a disaster, quickly and seamlessly – with Hosted Telephony you get this.

Our Hosted Solution even has the ability to apply these features automatically so before you even know there is a problem it’s activated implementing the predetermined disaster plan.

A Hosted System is the only choice for any business that relies heavily on their telephony and a business that needs to be in control of where they work. It allows the freedom and flexibility businesses need to continue to communicate in any situation. It could also mean the difference between a company surviving a disaster or folding due to lost business.

If you would like to discuss you’re Business Comms Disaster Recovery Options, or the flexibility a Hosted System can bring to you, please contact me on 0330 333 2 333 or by email on simon.gale@cactusbusiness.co.uk.